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Welcome to this site which was a gift of my son-in-law Jean-Marc for my 60th birthday. Eventually i twill be translated into English. So far, you can read this lone page



Nothing predestined me to become a French children’s writer. Born in Newark, New Jersey (like Philip Roth and Paul Auster !), I grew up in a small town called Belleville and didn’t even know that was French for « beautiful town ». (It wasn’t !) In fact, I didn’t even know that France existed. In school we filled in endless maps of the states and capitals of the U.S.A. but never crossed the borders.


I probably started writing because i twas the only way to get a word in with my effervescent family. So I discovered that the only way for me to « speak » was to write. That suited me fine because I have always loved to write. I’d lock myself in my bedroom and write for hours. In school the kids called me « Susie Shakespeare » and I cried because  I thought that meant that I looked like him. I wouldn’t cry now !


In Belleville High School, I was editor-in-chief of the school newspaper « Spotlight » I never stopped writing throught my college years (Rutgers, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the University of Nice.


The miracle of my life was falling in love with a bearded French mathmatician named Jacques Morgenstern. I followed him to France with the only three words I knew in French. Aliyah was born in 1967.




In 1971, I gave birth to Mayah hand to my doctoral thesis in comparative literature « The phantasmes of contempory Jewish writers » I had no more time to play the string bass and I really didn’t want to devote my life to literary criticism.


And then, with the help and inspiration of my children, I simply started to write and illustrate children’s books. Soon my texts got longer, they grew along with my children.


Everything interests me but especially LOVE, people, more people, family and books. I love to spy on everyday life and to write about the « real » world. Magic for me is opening the shutters and seeing the sky. There are hundreds of « magic » moments each day.  I love to sing the praise of this one and only life.







I was very lucky to discover this passion. I was lucky to win numerous prizes and to meet my readers all over the world.

I love my publishers, editors, librarians, teachers, booksellers and all the people have so enriched my life. Well you have certainly guessed that I love to love !


After teaching English at the University of Nice for 38 years, I retired and my life went in different directions.


I went on tour with a one-woman show based on my book « Confession of a fatso » (France, U.S.A., Belgium), directed by Daniel Sanzey.

And then thanks to Thierry Magnier, I’ve become something of a singer.


I continue to be inspired by my three grandchildren : Yona, Noam and Emma.


I thought it was very fair to be given a medal ! (knight of arts and letters) by the French government after this long battle to write in French.


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My daughters should have been given a medal too … for correcting all my mistakes.


After a year (2007-2008) of furious folly and comings and goings between school and library visits and my performances, I’m hoping to stay put next year and just … write !


Enjoy !




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